Recent Awards and Milestones

2010 - International Grower of the Year, AIPH Golden Rose Award
2010 - 65th Consecutive Gold Medal Chelsea Flower Show
2010 - Grower of the Year - Overall Winner
2010 - Grower of the Year - Hardy Nursery Stock
2009 - 64th Consecutive Gold Medal Chelsea Flower Show
2008 - 63rd Consecutive Gold Medal Chelsea Flower Show
2008 - Grower of the Year - Streetwise Range
2007 - 62nd Consecutive Gold Medal Chelsea Flower Show
2006 - 61st Consecutive Gold Medal Chelsea Flower Show
2006 - Grower of the Year – Hardy Nursery Stock - HTA/Grower Magazine
2005 - Grower of the Year – Semi-mature Trees – Horticulture Week Magazine
2005 - Best New Plant Variety – Ulmus ‘New Horizon’ – Horticulture Week Magazine
2005 - Guinness World Record 60th Consecutive Gold Medal at Chelsea Flower Show
2004 - Sustainable Business Awards
2004 - Water Conservation Awards


Two men holding Container Grown tree
Container Grown Trees
Container Grown Trees
Container Grown Trees
Container Grown Trees
Portsmouth Trees May 05
Martin with birch row
Hilliers Broadmead container grown trees

 T R A D E    P A G E S                                                               General Public Click Here

Container Grown Trees

Hillier Nurseries has one of the largest container tree nurseries in Europe dedicated to the production of top quality trees which can be planted all-year-round.  Trees are individually selected mainly from the open-ground tree nursery in Hampshire.  Hillier Nurseries has one nursery dedicated to container grown trees which compliment the field grown trees and means we can offer our customers top quality trees-all-year round at very competitive prices.  All of our container grown trees are in peat-free compost.

Hillier Container Tree Nursery, based in Hampshire, covers over 75 acres and can offer a wide range of native and ornamental trees in sizes ranging from 6-8cm girth up to 80cm girth.  Unusual and beautiful multi-stems are also available from 1.8m high up to 6m high.

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Hillier Nurseries has, over the past decades, pioneered the container tree revolution.  Over this time we have initiated many new developments in container technology, embracing advancements and listening to our customer comments and feedback.  This has led to our trees being produced in two types of containers.

“HILLIER-HANDLES” containers 6-8cm girth – 16-18cm girth

Montage of Hillier Handles

Hillier-handles Container Grown Trees - a real breakthrough in easy to manoeuvre trees.

Hillier-handles containers produce the best trees which really work for our customers, being easy to lift and move around the site and offer great value for money.

A Specially Designed Container to do the job you need

Hillier-handles are made of black interwoven material with strong handles which allow pots to be safely lifted and easily manoeuvred.The interweave has been specially designed to allow air and light to penetrate evenly around the container, encouraging fibrous rooting throughout, even at the base of the container.Water is also able to pass through the interwoven material for even drainage, this eliminates the need for water holes which can become blocked causing water-logging. The ability of the material to ‘breath’ and allowing water to penetrate means all species root through well with no spiralling, thus giving the tree the best possible start.

Three reasons why you should use Hillier-handles container grown trees on your site:

Hillier Handles1 Container grown trees extend the
planting season beyond that of open ground stock, meaning that, with care, trees can be planted all-year-round, even in full leaf.
2 Hillier-handles container trees can be easily manoeuvred around the site, thus causing a minimum of disturbance to the root system.
3 Hillier-handles container grown trees have a complete root system which is in balance with the canopy. This helps the tree to establish quickly when planted on site.

Solve your Summer planting problems...

Hillier-handles Container Trees – the way forward

Plant Hillier top quality trees in our exciting new Hillier-handles containers all-year-round.The planting season (November-March) can be extended by using container grown trees which can be planted throughout the summer even in full leaf.

Hillier Container Tree Nurseries, based in Hampshire, covers 75 acres and can offer you the best range of tree species in sizes ranging from 6-8cm girth up to 60cm girth, giving sites a look of instant maturity. Unusual and beautiful multi-stems are also available from 1.5m high up to 6m high. Contact us now for a full Availability List.

Hillier Nurseries has one nursery dedicated to container grown trees which compliment the field grown trees and means we can offer our customer top quality Hillier trees all-year-round at very competitive prices. All of our stock is selected by hand mainly from our open-ground nursery and after careful pruning potted on into Hillier-handles containers. The trees are secured on lines in our specially designed container unit and an electronically controlled irrigation and feeding system delivers each tree with just the right amount of water and fertilizer each day.

Man holding Hillier HandlesThe advantages of Hillier-handles Container Trees

  • Strong handles for easy manoeuvring
  • Peat-free compost
  • Black pots - absorbs warmth, helps trees to root through
  • Interwoven material - air for increased fibrous root
    development and aid establishment
  • Interwoven material - light for vertical roots, no spiralling
  • Hillier quality trees
  • Superb value for money

The result is the best of British trees which are easy to handle and quick to establish all year round at prices which may surprise you.

For an up to date Availability List or quotation please call the Sales Office on (01794) 368733.

Inspection and selection of stock always welcomed. Come and visit us soon for all of your tree planting needs

AIR-POTS (18cm girth – 80cm+ girth.)

Trees 18cm girth upwards are grown in an “Air-pot” or “Spring-ring” container.  Spring-ring containers work on a system of air pruning, the containers have unusual cuspidate walls with air slits and produce a very fibrous root system.  The primary roots branch and grow out into the open-ended cusps of the container, where their delicate roots will die back when they meet the air.  The roots are ‘pruned’ in this way and new fibrous root growth is thus encouraged.  This continuous process enables the tree to root around completely in greatly reduced times, and produces an extremely full and fibrous radial root system.  The cusps and contours of the Spring-ring guide the roots outwards, making root circling impossible, encouraging outward root development, allowing the tree to thrive when planted on site.

The containers are removed prior to despatch and re-used.  The root system is wrapped and secured for protection during transportation. Availability list please click here.


Hillier Nurseries offer a service to containerise stock for specific projects in accordance with our customers requirements. This is often carried out for projects which are planned to be planted out of season (i.e. April-October) or simply when the client wishes to ensure stock has the best possible chance of successful establishment. Trees up to 80cm girth can be containerised in custom-made pots to suit the constraints of the site. Below is a selection of major commercial projects which Hillier Nurseries has supplied with contract-potted containerised trees. For further information please contact Caroline Swann, email: or telephone the Sales Office on 01794 368733.

Selection of Major Commercial Projects

Commonwealth Games Stadium, Manchester
Rose Bowl - Hampshire Cricket Club
Ministry of Defence Procurement HQ, Bristol
Mile End Park, London
Bullring Shopping Centre, Birmingham
Sprucefield Retail Park, Belfast
Law Hospital, Glasgow

Hillier Nurseries has, over the past decade, been involved in a very large number of major commercial projects which have involved contract potting. We would be pleased to offer this service to you for your project and would be happy to visit your offices to discuss your requirements.